Alter Ego


In this platform game, you can't even trust your shadow


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Alter Ego is a very special two-dimensional platform game in which you control not only the game's protagonist, but also his shadow. That means that you have to be doubly careful, since both avatars can suffer damages.

Gameplay is pretty simple, except for the part where you have to control two characters at the same time. You need to pick up all of the floating pixels on each level, avoiding the enemies that will try to finish you off while you do so.

The main difficulty comes when you realize that the majority of the pixels you need to collect can only be acquired by one of your hero's two parts: his real self. And, each level only allows you to change between the two parts a limited number of times.

Visually, Alter Ego is a very pretty game that uses a simple pixelated design with colorful levels and characters. It may remind you of neon lights in a dark night, and this gives the game some spectacular moments.

Alter Ego is a fun platform game that serves up an interesting twist on normal gameplay. It's a great game that, although it's a little short, is sure to please fans of the genre.
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